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How To Create a WordPress Website in 20 Steps

Creating a new WordPress website is now easier than ever before. You’ll only need to follow this 20-step guide to buy a web hosting plan, your new domain name, and install and configure WordPress. You’ll be able to log in to your new website in under 15 minutes without spending a fortune or having any coding skills.

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Navigating Tech, One Byte at a Time!

I can't stop switching between Linux Distros (Distro hopping)
Personal Opinions

Put simply, distro hopping (or “distro hop”) is when a user keeps switching between different distros, and while this is a time-consuming hobby that won’t get you far when it comes to learning new skills, for some people like me it’s a fun way to spend your time. It’s like gaming, people are playing to have fun and kill time, and distro hopping is something similar for me.

Why you shouldn't use AI for SEO (Opinion)
Marketing & SEOAIPersonal Opinions

Google’s latest algorithm updates are here to improve the world’s most popular search engine, and many website owners are reporting losing their rankings and having a drop in their organic traffic, a negative result of using AI-generated content.

SEO - Low-Difficulty Vs High-Difficulty Keywords
Marketing & SEO

In the SEO world, content creators have to choose between low, medium, and high-difficulty keywords for their articles, but should new bloggers only focus on keywords that have low competition?

Things e-Commerce Owners Should Implement
Promoting a BusinessWordPress

Looking at expanding your e-commerce store and providing more options and features to your customers and visitors? Here’s everything you need to implement on your website nowadays to help increase your sales, bring more visitors, and turn them into buyers.

PayPal Review 2024
App ReviewsService Reviews

Being one of the most popular platforms in the world, and letting its users sign up and start sending or receiving money within minutes, PayPal looks like a solid option, but is it though?

How To Get Free Cryptocurrencies using Revolut

Revolut is giving free cryptocurrencies, including iExec (RLC), Polkadot (DOT), Sui (SUI), and Oasis (ROSE), just by completing a few of their courses using the mobile app. In just a few minutes, you can get your first free cryptos while learning all about the blockchain, how decentralized networks work, and how they help improve the Web3.

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