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Put simply, distro hopping (or "distro hop") is when a user keeps switching between different distros, and while this is a time-consuming hobby that won't get you far when it comes to learning new skills, for some people like me it's a fun way to spend your time. It's like gaming, people are playing to have fun and kill time, and distro hopping is something similar for me.

I can't stop switching between Linux Distros (Distro hopping)
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I was a Samsung Galaxy phone owner for almost a decade, using both their high-end and mid-range devices daily. I am not anymore, and I don't think I'll ever get another of Samsung's devices in the near future. Here's what happened, all the performance issues, and what I've tried the past few years to resolve all the issues.

Samsung Galaxy A52s White - Phone
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There are too many apps for the same purposes, only providing a different UI and some unique features. Other than that, if you take a quick look at your smartphone or PC, you'll probably find a few apps doing the same thing; Whether that's messaging, social media, entertainment, or staying organized.

Opinion - There are too many apps doing the same thing
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It's expected that artificial intelligence (AI) will replace millions of jobs and affect billions of positions over the next decades, but how can you handle this change? Shortly put, it depends on the industry that you're currently working, and how much time you're loosing by not learning new skills that are needed for future jobs.

Living in the Age of AI Navigating the New Normal