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29 Proven Ways to Make Money Online from Home

Proven Ways to Make Money Online from Home
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I've used hundreds of different ways to make money online from the comfort of my home. Some were a waste of time, resulting in maximum amounts of $100 to $200 per month, while other ways helped me create a passive income. Here's what I've learned all those years and what works best.

Whether you’re looking for a job or planning to start something new, there are a number of ways you can make money online from your home. All you will need is a computer or laptop, a stable internet connection, and the right ways to turn your ideas or skills into a source of income.

In an era where remote working seems to have taken over among millions of businesses, with Artificial Intelligence developing at a rapid pace and AI Chat Bots already available to the general public, this is the “golden age for those interested in turning their computers or laptops into a source of income. Although there are hundreds of different ways you can make money from home, in this article I will only highlight the ones that I know work and are reliable.

1. Make money writing articles or starting a blog

5 things you need to know when starting an online business
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Blogging is one of the most popular ways to make money from home. As a blogger, you should be constantly creating new content and publishing it to your personal blog. You can write about anything you want, but it is recommended that you focus on a main topic that you are an expert at. It only takes a few minutes to get your first name (domain name) and a hosting package (web hosting) to start your first blog. Plus, you’ll need less than €100 for the name and hosting, so it’s a small investment.

Once you create your first blog and publish your first 20 to 30 articles, you can then apply to the Google AdSense network. Once you get approved, you’ll be able to display ads to various parts of your blog (or even use their auto ads). AdSense ads pay for every click on your ads but don’t try to click them yourself or tell other people to do that, as you will quickly see your account get banned forever. The algorithm is now smart enough to understand when a click is real and when it isn’t.

At the same time, bloggers also use Affiliate Marketing to increase their income even more. In fact, many bloggers make more money from the affiliate links they add to their articles than from advertising. There are also several companies that pay quite a bit of money to advertise on various blogs. These brands will either send you sponsored posts and pay you to publish them, or they will send you their products or give you access to their premium services so you can review them.

2. Start your own YouTube and TikTok Channel

Start your own YouTube
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Vlogging is one of the best and most popular ways to start making money from home. All you need to do is create a YouTube Channel and then start creating and uploading content to the platform. However, it is not one of the fastest ways and there are certain conditions before you can start making money from your videos.

Also known as YouTubers, vloggers create videos and then upload them to YouTube to earn money from the ads that are shown. Some vloggers choose other platforms, such as Vimeo, while others create their own websites and upload them there. However, YouTube is by far the most popular, easiest, fastest, and cheapest way to start with vlogging.

You will find hundreds of thousands of people making a steady monthly income from YouTube by producing video content. To begin with, new YouTubers are required to meet two basic YouTube requirements: Have at least 1,000 subscribers on their Channel and a total of 4,000 hours of their videos watched by other users of the platform. Once you meet these two basic conditions, YouTube will then allow you to apply to gain access to the monetization system.

TikTok is also a great option to promote the short versions of your YouTube videos, and if you can get enough followers and views, you may start getting paid from TikTok too.

3. Make Money from Podcasting

Make Money from Podcasting
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With the arrival of Covid-19, the number of people who started listening to and creating podcasts took off to another level. Podcasting is now a great way to create content and share your knowledge, opinions, and stories with the rest of the world. It’s also a great way to promote your business’ products and services, or just break the daily routine with your friends.

Proper preparation and organization are important aspects when starting a podcast, so you can make sure you don’t waste any of your time. Let’s start with the most basic of all: The name your Podcast. There are no words to explain the importance of naming a podcast, as names tend to “speak” to listeners and address the topic directly.

You can use apps like Notion to keep your episode’s schedule, create to-do lists, take notes, and send your interview questions or episode structure to the guests you invite to speak. Next, you will need to choose the structure of your episodes. For example, what exactly will your podcasts include? Will they be educational? Maybe a podcast series with real people’s stories or even interviews? Is it newsworthy? Every podcast is different and as you will be uploading your episodes to streaming services, you will have to choose from the main category to which your content will belong.

Finally, start preparing your first episode; Is there an intro that will start playing at the beginning of your episodes or after the welcoming? Some podcasters haven’t even created an intro for their podcasts, so don’t worry if you don’t feel up to it just yet. Divining the main topics of your episode into sections and adding important information to each of them is also important, as you’d want to know what you’ll start discussing next.

4. Make money from affiliate marketing

ShareASale Affiliate

There are many good reasons to choose affiliate marketing as a way of quickly making money from home, and it’s also a good choice for content marketers looking to create a passive income. As long as you have the right audience and do your research, you can start by promoting only selected products and services that you’ve tried and people need them.

Affiliate marketing has become very popular because it lets affiliates start with no budget. It’s free to register in an affiliate program or network, and it only takes a couple of minutes. After you get accepted, as most affiliate programs tend to look at your information and check how are you going to promote their products or services, and what is your website or social media, you can start copying the affiliate links and publish them in many parts of the Web.

If a person buys a product or a subscription service from a link you have published or sent them, you will receive a commission rate. Each company provides different commissions per sale, so it isn’t easy to calculate how many sales you will have and what the final profit will be. In addition, these links work using cookies, which means that if someone clicks but decides to buy the product a few days later, you will receive the commission from their purchase. However, the commission only counts for the first purchase and not for the rest, if they decide for example to buy more products the next day.

5. Make money selling dropshipping products

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There are many different stories nowadays from people who made thousands or millions using Dropshipping as a way to start earning money from home. Dropshipping is a method of order fulfillment where you, as a business owner, you don’t have to keep the products you’re selling in stock, instead, you purchase the products only when someone makes an order.

First, you’ll need to do product research and see what sells and what’s not. You can use many different tools, but you can start for free using Google Trends to compare the demand of various product keywords, and by taking a good look at popular e-commerce stores, including Amazon and Etsy. As a seller, you’ll need a website to sell your dropshipping products; You can create an e-commerce store using platforms such as WordPress with WooCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, or even Gumroad to create your own e-shop without coding.

A dropshipper is a person or a business that uses the dropshipping model to purchase inventory from a third party, instead of storing and shipping the products themselves. Because dropshipping relies on a third-party supplier to manage inventory and fulfill orders, it’s easier and cheaper to start with a low budget, without the fear of never selling all the stock that you have invested in.

6. Offer your services as a freelancer

15 Best Affiliate Programs To Start Earning as an Affiliate
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If you have skills, you can use them to make money from home working as a freelancer. And yes, you can do about anything that can be done using the internet, such as getting hired to design (logos, websites, flyers, or covers), translate hundreds of pages to a different language, develop apps, optimize content for SEO, become a teacher or instructor, writer/copywriter, a virtual assistant, a consultant, and many many more.

Working as a new freelancer from home is easy because you can use platforms that are designed to bring businesses and talents together, making hiring and paying a few minutes process. Unfortunately, the competition between freelancers on these platforms is huge, so make sure you take the time to make sure your freelancer’s profile is as professional as possible. You can start by using platforms such as Fiverr, Freelancer, and UpWork, which are among the most popular. All these platforms let you create a list of all the services that you provide, how much they cost, or how much you get paid per hour, and you can even create your own portfolio to feature your previous works.

Freelancers also receive reviews from their clients after a job is completed. Freelancers with many good reviews often tend to appear more often on the search results on these platforms, and sometimes they even get featured on their homepages.

7. Optimize your newsletters (Email Marketing)

Email Marketing
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Email marketing is still alive and thriving, with many using it to promote their products, services, or content. Emails are awesome, and we all need them to do basic things, including registering on websites and online platforms, contacting or getting contacted by businesses and other people, and they’re also a good way for people to stay informed about specific topics, content creators, or websites they follow.

Most content creators are creating their own email campaigns (also known as newsletters), and monetize them with advertorials, sponsored posts, affiliate links, dropshipping products, etc. There are many ways you can monetize your newsletters, and the higher your audience, the higher the chances of creating a strong income from every email you send.

Email marketing has also undergone some big changes in recent years, and it’s now easier and faster for a beginner to get started. All you will need is a reliable platform and some basic tools to create, manage, and send emails. You can use many newsletter platforms, such as SendinBlue, Mailjet, Mailerlite, AWeber, and Omnisend, just to name a few, as they will give you access to important email features and tools. But, as you can already guess, there’s always a cost, and email marketing is not cheap.

8. Learn how to do market research

Learn how to do market research
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Simply put, market research is a systematic process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting information about a specific market or target, consumers, competitors, and the industry. A properly structured market research can be the foundation of any successful business, and this is what makes them so important for any startup.

Although market research can answer hundreds of important questions about the state of an industry or a business, it can take from weeks to months or years to develop a reliable and properly analyzed market research. In addition, market researchers have to check quite a few different things about an industry, which is not only time-consuming but often very difficult to get reliable results.

Whether you plan to use market research for your own startup business, or you are interested in going all in as a professional in this field, market research is in high demand these days.

9. Are you a photographer? Make money selling photos

Make money selling photos
Unsplash / © Panos Sakalakis.

The largest percentage of people who buy stock photos from the Internet are bloggers, small and medium-sized businesses, owners of other types of websites, newspapers, magazines, influencers, and other types of people who are involved in creating content in physical or digital form.

Like me here at TechWise Insider, millions of other websites use these marketplaces to legally download and use photos in their articles. Vloggers also use free stock images in their video’s thumbnails, and podcasters use them to create episode covers. The marketplaces that provide stock photos are essentially websites through which anyone can get any photo they want at a cost. Most marketplaces offer a number of subscription packages, often targeting from content creators to large enterprises.

Each marketplace operates by its own rules, meaning each one provides different commissions to photographers who use it to sell their photos. Some offer higher and some lower commissions, different environments, and different terms of use.

Some marketplaces also provide different commission rates depending on whether the photos uploaded by the photographer are uploaded exclusively to their own platforms. For example, at the time of writing, Shutterstock changes the commission it gives to each photographer based on the level they have reached. Other marketplaces can increase your commission rate up to 30-40% if you upload exclusively to them.

10. Make money on OnlyFans with exclusive content

Make money on OnlyFans with exclusive content
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It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or have been creating content for several years now, OnlyFans is pretty easy and straightforward. The platform provides some basic ways that its content creators can earn from a few hundred to thousands of euros per month.

OnlyFans is a social networking platform that is not much different from the traditional social networks you used to connect. In fact, the design of OnlyFans reminds [me] in many cases the design of X/Twitter, providing all the basic options on the left side menu, such as the homepage, profile, notifications, messages, cards you have connected, lists that you have created, and your account settings.

In the middle, you will find all the recent posts from the members you follow or have subscribed to, while on the right you will find a search field and some of the top suggestions of users you don’t follow and are recommended by the platform. Several of the members allow you to join and access their profiles for free, while others provide subscription-based content.

Members also can customize their profiles in several ways, such as adding a profile photo and cover art or linking their Spotify account to display their favorite artists and keep track of their OnlyFans profiles.

11. Create a Patreon page with membership packages


As subscription membership packages have started to become more and more popular in recent years, with more and more blogs providing their own tiers, and artists and content creators entering platforms like Patreon, a lot has changed in the way we once earned money online.

Providing your own subscription packages means you have the ability to not only generate a passive income from your subscribers but also get paid whatever money you think your content is worth. You can create your own membership packages at any cost you prefer and with your own terms.

Patreon provides creators of all kinds with all the tools they need to provide their own membership packages to their audience. It’s easy for any creator to get started on the platform by creating a new account and formatting their profile accordingly. The audience then has the option to pay and get access to the creator’s content. Creators retain their creative freedom by getting paid what they deserve, and fans have peace of mind knowing their money is going directly into the creators’ pockets, investing in more material like the one they love.

12. Engage in Influencing and focus on Social Media

Social Media - Facebook Instagram Threads X-Twitter TikTok LinkedIn YouTube
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To this day, influencer marketing remains on the rise, with more and more influencers making their presence on popular social media platforms. As an influencer, you will be able to make money in various ways, including, collaborating with brands and other influencers, and interacting with your audience. But how can someone become an influencer?

Simply put, influencer marketing is a subcategory of Digital Marketing, where each influencer works with a business to promote a product, service, or even its own name. An influencer is often called a content creator or an entertainer who has thousands or millions of followers and has become an influence on their audience.

Anyone can become an influencer and deal with influencer marketing, as long as they start with a strong presence on social networks, increasing the number of their followers as much as possible. The bigger the number of followers or subscribers, the more deals you’ll get from other brands wanting to promote their products or services to your audience.

13. Create and sell your own templates online

Notion in a Laptop
Notion / © Pauline Bernard on Unsplash.

Back in school, most students hated Excel, PowerPoint, and other apps found in Microsoft Office Suite. But if you have skills using Microsoft Office, you can create a pretty good passive income by selling templates that people buy, customize, and use for personal or commercial purposes. If you’re good at Excel, you can design and sell templates that businesses use to stay organized and manage whatever it is they want to manage.

PowerPoint is also very popular these days, with many people using the app to introduce their ideas, business offers, strategies, products, and many more. So knowing how to design and produce professional templates for businesses and professionals is a good way of making money from home.

Note: Templates are pre-designed templates that someone can download, import into the app, and start customizing them by changing the text, images, colors, etc. You can find different templates for a variety of programs and applications, such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace applications, Notion, and many more.

But Microsoft Office is not the only way you can make money from home by designing templates, as you can also create and sell website themes for platforms such as WordPress, Ghost, Drupal, etc. Whenever an app provides community templates, there’s a big probability that there’s a good way you can design and sell them online. You’ll have to spend a good amount of time using the app to learn anything that it provides so you can design anything there is.

What can I sell online?

  • You can design and deliver templates for Microsoft Office or Google Workspace.
  • You can design and sell Notion Templates.
  • You can design and sell WordPress themes on marketplaces like ThemeForest.
  • You can design and sell logos, covers, and vectors on Creative Market.
  • You can design various templates and sell them on Canva.

In the same way, you can design/create different kinds of digital files, and you can do the same for many other programs, including most of the software found in Adobe Creative Cloud.

14. Start managing e-Commerce websites

Start managing e-Commerce websites
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The majority of online stores currently run either on popular CMS platforms such as WordPress using WooCommerce, or even Shopify and Squarespace. Bigger businesses may also provide their own headless CMS, but most of the time managing, creating, deleting, and making changes to products only takes a few minutes.

You can easily learn how to use and manage each of these platforms to improve your skills, and then start seeking job opportunities. The most difficult platforms are WordPress with WooCommerce and Magento, which both are very popular platforms for creating and managing e-shops. For WordPress, you can download its files from for free, and then install and set up XAMPP so you can create a local installation and start learning the platform. For Shopify and Squarespace, there are a few days provided as a free trial so you can learn how to use them.

If you already have the skills to use these platforms, then you can start contacting online stores that are looking for new managers. You can use platforms such as LinkedIn to search for available positions and build a professional-looking portfolio.

15. Write and sell your own eBooks and Guidebooks

Write and sell your own eBooks and Guidebooks
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Although creating a passive income is difficult, many content creators have succeeded and seen a large number of sales from their eBook sales. Of course, the more eBooks you write and publish, the more money you’ll get, but you should only focus on something that people actually search and need.

The good thing about eBooks is that anyone, beginner or expert, can create them for free and without much effort. Hundreds of tools, programs, and platforms allow you to write, format, and export your eBooks to the appropriate dimensions and file formats.

You can write the best and most unique eBook, with a beautiful cover, catchy titles, and a nice combination of color palettes, and still not see a single sale. Before you start writing about a topic, it is important to first do research and see what has high demand.

The same goes for Guidebooks, which are provided in the same file format and designed in the same way – well, most of the time. The difference between the two is that Guidebooks are often much shorter than eBooks. Guidebooks are ideal for focusing on a specific topic and providing detailed instructions for it. For example, you can create travel guidebooks, educational guidebooks, or any other subject you know well enough for you to start teaching.

16. Make money by completing online surveys

Make money by completing online surveys
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Otherwise known as “digital surveys”, online surveys allow you to earn money as you complete various questions on a variety of topics. Surveys are also promoted by several websites as one of the fastest ways to make money online, but how much can you earn every day, and which platforms are the most popular?

Online surveys did not appear or become popular in recent years. In fact, they have been around for several years now and have been improved and changed in several ways to attract more people. This is a way that is presented as an easy solution to make money from home without much effort, but is it true?

First things first, you’re not going to get any richer by completing online surveys, and you’ll have to spend a lot of hours to make some pennies. In fact, if you spend a good amount of time completing online surveys using the most popular platforms, you may start making between €2.00 – €4.00 a day from each one. In a conversation I had with a friend who spent several hours a day filling out surveys, she made around €30.00 – €40.00 for 50 hours of “work”.

Here’s a list of the most popular platforms that pay you to complete surveys:

But if you don’t mind completing a few online surveys and getting a few bucks to buy cheap games, e-books, songs, or even pay for your streaming services, then go for it!

17. Sell your used products on eBay

Sell your used products on eBay
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Whether they are old or broken items, or something that’s in good condition but you don’t use it, whatever you have you can upload it and sell it on various marketplaces. Platforms such as eBay are the most well-known worldwide platforms for selling your used or new items online, and millions of people are already using them.

I know several people who have sold hundreds of things through eBay, such as used brand clothes, hard drives, old laptops, monitors and TVs, speakers, mobiles, and much, much more. There is no limit to the listings you can make, and you can use most marketplaces free of charge, or by paying them a small fee every time you make a sale through their platform.

18. Make money online by streaming on platforms such as Twitch

Make money online by streaming on platforms such as Twitch
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Live streaming is one of the most difficult and time-consuming ways to make money from home. However, if you manage to build a large audience of followers who are online to your every live stream, donate, and send you various rewards that are rewarded with money, then you will manage to earn up to a fortune, depending on your audience and how they interact with each other.

The good thing about platforms such as Twitch is that they allow you to get started completely free, while for live streaming you can download free and open-source programs like OBS Studio. If you decide to get into gaming, then you will need a powerful PC that can run the latest AAA game titles and can handle streaming at the same time.

Although Twitch is mostly famous for gaming, there are hundreds of other live streams covering completely different topics, from developers and travelers to food vloggers. You will also need the necessary equipment to get started, such as a camera that outputs at least 1080p and above, and a microphone that produces a clear voice.

19. List your space on Airbnb

Airbnb | © Oberon Copeland on Unsplash.

If you own an apartment or a house, or even if you have an available space in your home, then you can make money by listing it as accommodation on Airbnb. The platform is the number one stop for every traveler, and is available both as an application [Android & iOS] for smartphones and tablets, as well as for computers and laptops. It allows you to create an account, fill in all your details, and book any house, apartment, or place you like.

There are also hundreds of thousands of hosts around the world who use Airbnb to make money, and some even use it as a full-time job. Additionally, even if you are a blogger, vlogger, or podcaster, you can still make money from the platform by promoting the platform to other hosts, and get a commission whenever someone lists its apartment on Airbnb.

20. Create your own online courses

SkillShare online courses
SkillShare | © Lewis Keegan on Unsplash.

Online courses (also known as digital courses) are often provided in the form of videos and provide important instructions on specific topics. Through them, the instructor provides step-by-step detailed instructions, getting someone from the bottom to the top.

There are hundreds of thousands of online courses available that you can either start and complete for free or by paying a price, covering hundreds of different topics. From creating a blog on WordPress, getting started with Podcasting, learning how to cook, how to exercise or eat healthy to designing logos, flyers, and templates, there is no end to what you can teach online.

In most cases, 99.9% of a course is comprised of video material, where instructions are provided. As an instructor, you will have the option to choose whether or not to appear in the lessons/videos. You’ll also have the option to make all the scenes exactly how you want them, presenting each lesson in your own unique way. You can list your online courses on platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, Codecademy, Skillshare, edX, and many more.

21. Sell your videos on stock websites

Adobe Premiere Pro - Video Editing
Video Editing on Adobe Premiere Pro | © Jakob Owens on Unsplash.

Whether you have a camera, own a drone, or even use the Gimbal you bought a while ago to your advantage, several platforms allow you to sell your videos. As goes with stock photos, there are many small and large businesses interested in using ready-made footage for their promotional videos, social media stories, and other commercial purposes.

Since not all businesses have the ability to hire their own videographers and video editors, they often choose to purchase various stock videos, thus acquiring the copyright for their commercial use. These platforms often report what the majority of their customers are looking for, such as videos of dogs, a drone flying over a famous city, people smiling, people making coffee, and so on.

Covering the most popular searches with videos means that you significantly increase the chances of seeing some of your videos have up to thousands of sales. If you succeed, then you will generate an excellent passive income from the continuous sales of your videos. You can sell your videos either from your own website or by uploading and selling them to stock websites such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Getty Images, and Unsplash+, just to name a few.

22. Make money as a gamer playing games

Make money as a gamer playing games
© ELLA DON on Unsplash.

Did you know that there are some ways you can make money from home playing games on your computer? Many young gamers have managed not only to make enough money playing their favorite games but even build a huge audience base, collaborate with small and large brands, and create a strong and stable passive income.

The gaming competition is one of the biggest ones yet, and you’ll have to practice and become a professional in many popular games if you want to create a career out of it. It may also take years to build a huge audience and start making money. First, you’ll need to become a professional in a specific game that has high demand, and then you can start live streaming while you play, upload videos on YouTube and TikTok, write reviews on blogs, or whatever else can get you an income.

23. Make money using ChatGPT and Microsoft CoPilot

ChatGPT | © Rolf van Root on Unsplash.

Ever since OpenAI announced ChatGPT, a smart AI Chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence, and Microsoft integrated it into its search engine, Bing, and then renaming it to Microsoft Copilot and making it a standalone app, millions of users started using these tools. However, many creators have found various clever ways to make quite a bit of money by using them.

While anyone can use these tools mostly for free, learning how to use them properly is a different story. You need to know what questions to ask in a specific way every time if you want to get high-quality, smart, and complete answers. Also known as “commands”, you can find many of them in various websites and crash courses, but focusing on creating your own based on what you do is important.

So how do people make money by using AI tools? Simply put, they use them to do various tasks, including doing market research and analysis, helping them write and optimize articles and e-books, and even generating AI images and selling them online. If you get to learn how to use those tools like a professional, you can get money by providing AI consultation, selling AI-driven content, or even creating your own online courses with instructions on using AI-based tools.

24. Engage in Technical Writing

Technical Writing
© Glenn Carstens-Peters Unsplash.

In the field of writing and content creation, terms such as copywriting, creative writing, or copy editing are among the most popular and familiar. But what is technical writing and why is technical writing important? From technology and engineering to medicine and computer science, technical writing is essential in many fields and can improve our daily lives.

Technical writing is a type of writing that conveys complex information in a simple, clear, and understandable way. The official organization for technical communication (Society for Technical Communication, abbreviated STC), states on its website that “technical communication” is a broad field that includes characteristics such as those you will find in the article.

A friend of mine is currently working in this field, and she’s been very happy with her job. While not for everyone, if you love writing and providing instructions in a simple and clear way, technical writing may be exactly what you need to start working from home.

25. Make money from home as a musician

Spotify - Make money from home as a musician
Spotify | © Pankaj Patel

Artists and bands have a plethora of options when it comes to their online success. There are thousands of artists around the world who either offer their songs to well-known streaming services or sell them on specific marketplaces. You can license all of your tracks from platforms like SoundCloud and Audiosocket if you’re interested in generating a passive income from selling licenses for personal or commercial use.

If you want to offer your music directly from your own accounts without anyone being able to download your songs, then it is recommended to upload them to streaming platforms such as Spotify. Although the platform is not known for paying a lot of money to artists, you can increase the amount by uploading them to multiple streaming platforms, as well as on YouTube.

Finally, there are marketplaces like AudioJungle that allow you to list and sell your music to millions of creators who want to use your tracks in their projects, videos, and commercials.

26. Buy or build and sell websites

TechWise Insider - Blog Posts
TechWise Insider

Did you know that there are quite a few people who invest in buying websites, which they then develop even further either selling them for even more money or keeping them as passive income businesses? There are also quite a few people who build websites on platforms that require no programming knowledge, fill them with content, and after they reach a certain number of daily or monthly visitors, list them for sale.

The good thing about buying and selling websites is that there are several exchange marketplaces available (such as Flippa, Empire Flippers, and FE International) that take over the biggest process of discovering and buying or selling businesses between two parties. You’ll need to do complete market research before investing in websites and learn as much as you can about all the marketing strategies that website owners use, including SEO marketing.

27. Invest in stocks and cryptocurrencies

Revolut - Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies on Revolut. © Unsplash.

There is no doubt that there are quite a few rich people on our planet whose income is generated solely from the investments they have made in company shares. Investing in stocks – or cryptocurrencies – is a great way to build a strong passive income. But it’s not easy, and you can easily lose all of the money that you have invested, so making quick and smart decisions is crucial.

In a quick meeting with people who have been investing in company stocks for years, some read more than 400 and 500 pages a day of annual reports of various companies’ earnings in order to decide in which ones they are going to invest their money. Market research and analysis of various companies and their potential is vital to a successful investment.

There are also a countless number of people who have been investing in different cryptocurrencies in recent years, many of which are not Bitcoin, which is now particularly expensive to invest in. However, there are plenty of other cryptocurrencies in which you can invest your money and see them double, triple, or even get you from thousands to millions through the next few months or years.

28. Create and sell your own apps

Create and sell your own apps
© Olaf Val on Unsplash.

If you ever thought about creating your own app for Android or iOS devices or even working professionally as an app developer, then there are several reasons to choose this particular way to make money from home. After all, it’s no secret that apps now sell for millions or even billions, so a good idea can always result in big payments. What’s even better is that there are great ways/ to easily create apps that work flawlessly on both Android and iOS or even focus on one operating system.

As we see with website development, were platforms such as WordPress make things easy, app developers can use no-code platforms to design their apps. But if you’re looking at creating something complex, learning how to code is necessary. Now learning how to develop your own Android or iOS apps can take from a few months to many years, so make sure this is a career path you want to follow.

29. Create your own print-on-demand e-shop

Create your own print-on-demand e-shop
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Another great way to make money from home is by designing and selling your own t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, phone cases, bags, and any other physical product. More specifically, print-on-demand online stores print unique designs on various products and then promote and sell them online.

Of course, you will have to be quite busy creating new designs, which should be in demand if you’re looking at seeing a high number of sales. You can open your own online store, or even contact corresponding print-on-demand online stores to collaborate, keeping a commission from every product sold that includes your design – similar to how dropshipping works.

However, if you manage to offer designs that are in demand and people like them, then you can even create your own brand with your own products.

That’s it, folks! You now have 29 ideas on how to make money from home using your PC or laptop. Some of them are good at making a few extra bucks, others can lead to a strong passive income, and some can even get you to start your own startup business.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of the ways provided in this article to make money from home, and if you did, what was your experience until now? Share your tips, knowledge, and experience in the comments sections at the end of this page.

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