Make Money Online

I've used hundreds of different ways to make money online from the comfort of my home. Some were a waste of time, resulting in maximum amounts of $100 to $200 per month, while other ways helped me create a passive income. Here's what I've learned all those years and what works best.

Proven Ways to Make Money Online from Home
AIPersonal Opinions

It's expected that artificial intelligence (AI) will replace millions of jobs and affect billions of positions over the next decades, but how can you handle this change? Shortly put, it depends on the industry that you're currently working, and how much time you're loosing by not learning new skills that are needed for future jobs.

Living in the Age of AI Navigating the New Normal
App Reviews

I've used the most popular web browsers in the world to see which one is the king of all, and I found out exactly what I was expecting: It all depends on the needs and personal preferences of every individual.

What is the best Web Browser in 2024 A quick comparison
BloggingMarketing & SEO

I have seen many bloggers struggle to get organic traffic from Google and Bing. All of them, in one way or another, they did the same mistakes with their SEO strategy, and others because they left research out of their content creation process. Here's what you need to avoid [and do] in 2024 to increase your blog's traffic.

15+ Years in SEO: The 10 Biggest Mistakes Bloggers Make