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With over 1 billion monthly users, Viber is no joke when it comes to messaging and chat apps. Therefore, it is often a target for hackers who want to gain access to our bank details in various clever ways. If your Viber was hacked, this guide will help you regain access.

What to do if they hacked your Viber account
App Reviews

From simple to-do apps such as SimpleNote and Todoist to more complex note-taking apps such as Notion, Capacities, and Oblivion, I've tested almost every application that is available for Windows, Linux, and Android (not a macOS user, sorry folks). I wanted the "perfect" solution for all my needs, and while I didn't have many expectations, I think I finally have found the ultimate solution.

The Best To-Do And Note-Taking Apps
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There are too many apps for the same purposes, only providing a different UI and some unique features. Other than that, if you take a quick look at your smartphone or PC, you'll probably find a few apps doing the same thing; Whether that's messaging, social media, entertainment, or staying organized.

Opinion - There are too many apps doing the same thing
App Reviews

I've used the most popular web browsers in the world to see which one is the king of all, and I found out exactly what I was expecting: It all depends on the needs and personal preferences of every individual.

What is the best Web Browser in 2024 A quick comparison