Bluish Light: A Vivaldi Theme by TechWise Insider

Bluish Light - A Vivaldi Theme by TechWise Insider
Bluish Light - A Theme For Vivaldi | © Mockup by

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Are you looking for a minimal, bright, and bluish kind of theme for your Vivaldi browser? I have created a simple yet modern light bluish theme that you can install with 1 click and customize it based on your personal preferences. You can grab it from the Vivaldi's official Themes page.

To me, Vivaldi is not just a primary browser, it’s the home of all my saved passwords, browsing history, bookmarks, and the huge number of websites I’ve organized on some of the many speed-dials that I have created and filled over the years. Apart from that, Vivaldi lets you discover, install, customize, and even create your own themes, and those are some crucial options to me.

While I’ve already explained all my favorite features and options when I wrote my review for the browser, Vivaldi comes with its own themes, all of which you can easily change or customize accordingly.

Now, themes, like in any other web browser, can be installed with a click of a button. Unlike other browsers though, Vivaldi goes deeper and allows you to customize any of the pre-installed themes, or even the ones you downloaded from the Official Vivaldi’s Themes page. But that’s not all; With Vivaldi, you can easily create your own themes and then submit them for review. Vivaldi’s team will check your theme and if everything’s okay, you’ll see it published on their store.

I’ve used many themes made from Vivaldi’s community over the years, and I thought it was time to upload my own themes. While they’re not something special, those themes work best for me and my personal preferences.

Bluish Light Theme for Vivaldi Browser

I’ve started with my light theme, which I use most hours and before the dawn, and it’s called “Bluish Light”, and you can see why I named it as I did from the image example. I’m also working on two dark themes which I’ll publish when I’m happy with the way they look.

Bluish Light Theme for Vivaldi Browser - Screenshot

Download The “Bluish Light” Vivaldi Theme

Did you like the theme? What do you use mostly when working, a light or a dark theme? Let me know in the comments down below, and don’t hesitate to share your own theme!

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